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Message From the President

Every successful company everywhere in this world of ours has the one element that brings this success; good people.   Read our President’s Message...
Global’s Temporary Help Services

See what one phone call can bring you....
Global’s Contract Services

Allow Global’s workers to cover short or long-term peaks .... read about our Contract Services...
Global’s Payroll Services

Let us show you how our service will translate into actual profit...   read about our Payroll Services...
Applicant Skills Testing

Pre-employment testing and assessments can help. Global Human Resource Centre Inc. can offer Prove It!® Internet testing technology that lets you access a wide variety of skills testing via the Net.  read about our Applicant Skills Testing...
Global’s Permanent Placement

We can find the right person for the job .... read about our Permanent Placement Services...

Global Says...Prove It!!

We test your candidates:







Call Center

Customer Service

...and many more.

It’s your call


Applicant Testing

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